Re-Modeling in Progress

For our loyal shoppers we are certain that you have been noticing big changes for Sans Souci in the past few months. While renovations are still on-going we cannot ignore the big leaps forward that we have been able to complete in these last few weeks. And so we’d like to take a moment to inform those of you who haven’t visited lately of everything that’s going on.

Shelve - Re-sized

Our new shelving units with a fresh coat of paint over the walls in the background!

When you walk into Sans Souci the first thing you will notice is a fresh coat of paint along our interior walls. After successfully re-painting the outside of our building with the help of over 50 volunteers in recent years, we now have an interior to match. The shift from a dark grey to polar white serves to brighten the atmosphere and (we hope) make our customers and clients feel more at home.

The next exciting development we have been able to accomplish is completely replacing our bookshelves as well as adding new shelving for our knick knacks. With galvanized piping supporting wooden shelving we hope to take advantage of the fact that Sans Souci is housed in the old Arvin’s building and give our interior a modern industrial look.


H.S.E. students attend classes from 1:00 to 3:30 every Monday and Wednesday! Call 812-372-3419 with any questions



Lastly, thanks to a partnership with the Centra Foundation, Sans Souci has been able to complete our Study and Education center where we will be able to host H.S.E. (High School Equivalency) classes with McDowell as well as conduct our own financial literacy courses for our employees. Before students shared a break room with our employees, but now they have a distraction free environment where they can learn and grow.

If you haven’t come in to look around lately, there’s much more in store for you. And please don’t forget to check back with us regularly for the latest news on sales, specials, and down right bargains.

We are excited about all the progress we have made over the last year and want to thank our customers, donors, and volunteers for all of their hard work. We look forward to helping even more members of our community attain self-sufficiency.