Exciting times and an early winter

Hello Sans Souci Supporters!

Welcome to our brand-new website! We are so excited about this new website and how it will better serve you and our community. We encourage you to take a look around the new site to learn all about what’s happening at Sans Souci and what we are doing together for our community.

Whether we like it or not, winter has decided to come early and we doubt it will go away anytime soon. Unfortunately, we can’t just hibernate all winter so guess we just need to put that coat on and BEAR it (get it..? :)) But with the cold weather we are left to thinking of one serious question…what if you don’t have a coat? Life doesn’t stop just because the temperatures drop. There’s work to go to, children to take to the bus stop, etc. That is where you and Sans Souci come in to resolve this issue. Last year, Sans Souci distributed nearly 800 coats to individuals in Bartholomew County and this year we are projected to do that once again if not more. Coat donations that come in from you are distributed to community members in need free of charge. How cool is that? (Except it’s really pretty warm, not cool but you know what we mean) The reality is that we can overcome a major obstacle in our community. With the right support from loyal supporters like you, not one person in our community will have to go without a coat this winter.

We have been presented with a new challenge this year: we are running out of coats. With this winter starting so early, the request for coats has also come early. So if you haven’t gone through your closet lately, we encourage you to take a look through and if you have some winter items you aren’t using anymore and bring them by Sans Souci so that together we can help everyone in Bartholomew County live life “Without Worry.” (Sans Souci’s exact translation from French)