You can donate your goods. Got old but still in good condition stuff? Donate it! Helping a friend move? Help them get rid of their unneeded things! Click the link below to see what types of items we can use for donation.

Monetary donations

Your monetary donations help a great deal!

$50…provides one employee with 5 hours of valuable one-on-one training that removes barriers such as housing, food, insurance and overall smart financial wellness courses

$25…provides a community members in need with 25 articles of clothing

$10…provides a community member in need with a warm winter coat

$5…provides a pair of shoes for a community member in need

Click the button below to give monetarily.

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Cummins Volunteers, 2018

Cummins Volunteers, 2018


Your time is one of the most valuable things you can give!

Each hour of your time is important to you and very important to us. It helps us process donations, stock the shop floor, organize Sans Souci and much more!

Click the button below to see how you can make a difference as a volunteer!