Employee development

The Employee Development program is Sans Souci biggest program. On average, Sans Souci employs about 25 people at a time. Many of the individuals we hire are those who have had a hard time gaining employment elsewhere because of the barriers they face. These barriers are different for everyone but some of the more common barriers are areas such as lack of transportation, medical/insurance issues, mental and physical disabilities, lack of education and those who have felonies on their record. Sans Souci works with these individuals one-on-one until the barriers that has prohibited them from gaining higher-paying employment are removed. Each year, Sans Souci works to move 20% of our employees onto higher paying jobs or higher education each year. In addition to working with employees one-on-one they are provided with a monthly training on topics such as budgeting, insurance and general soft skills. Just by working in the store and Donation Center, employees also gain valuable skills like cash handling, customer service, teamwork, punctuality, and problem solving that they can take with them to future jobs.

No-cost/free assistance

Sans Souci is the #1 clothing provider for Bartholomew County community members in need. Sans Souci serves 1 in 4 of community members who live below the poverty level. If a community members cannot afford items such as clothing, shoes and winter coats then they can shop in our store free of charge for those items. Each year for the past three years Sans Souci has give away over $120,000 worth of goods to community members in need.

Steel-toed boots: Sans Souci is fortunate to have community partners that donate their gently-used steel-toed boots to our organization. If a community member comes into the store and needs a pair of steel-toed boots in order to start a job then they can receive a pair free of charge. Last year, Sans Souci distributed over 300 pairs of steel-toed boots to community members in need, starting them on their path to self-sufficiency.


Sans Souci’s low-cost program is our thrift store. Sans Souci prices items in the store significantly less than traditional retail value. This is done by design with hopes that anyone can shop in the store and find great items at a great price. We allow and need EVERYONE to shop in our store! The thrift store funds 80% of our organization. Without the support of the store from supporters like you, then we will not be able to continue our programs at the volume that they are at. Sans Souci relies 100% on community members to shop, donate and volunteer.