Our Mission

Sans Souci’s mission is…

“to be the community partner that improves the ability of our neighbors to support themselves “without worry.

We strive every day to help the residents of Bartholomew County achieve self-sufficiency in a number of different ways. Whether it is providing families with clothing, shoes and winter coats for themselves and their children or training individuals with weak labor market prospects to re-join the work force our staff is focused on making people’s lives “without worry.” (Sans Souci is French for “without worry.” )

Our Vision

Sans Souci: “Where every person is a success story.”

We truly believe that we can have a positive impact with each and every person our organization comes into contact with. Whether you are a sponsor, donor, customer, client or volunteer you are a part of the success stories Sans Souci helps to create.

Our Values

Sans Souci operates based on a set of core values that include…

Dignity – Every person that we are in contact with will be treated with respect.

Responsive Service – Every person we interact with is unique and we will recognize and address the specific needs of each.

Collaboration – We will actively work with other agencies in order to realize shared goals and make comprehensive services available to clients.

Knowledge – We will strive to give our clients the information they need to support themselves. We will make the community aware of those in need.

Excellence – We will strive for excellence in all that we do.

Perseverance – We will inspire those in the community to carry on in spite of difficulties or discouragement.

”Great selection, great deals, greater mission.”
— Left by a user on Facebook

What We've Achieved

In 2017, Sans Souci provided…

  • Over $120,000 worth of clothing, shoes, coats, furniture and other necessity items

  • Gave away nearly 800 warm winter coats

  • Gave away over 1,000 pairs of shoes

  • Provided over 1,000 pairs of brand-new underwear and socks

    …to Bartholomew County community members in need.

  • In 2017, Sans Souci provided over 1,000 hours of training to our employees so they could gain skills in topics such as budgeting, insurance, bank accounts, soft skills, strong communication skills and many other topics.

  • In 2017, 20% of our employees moved onto higher paying jobs or to pursue higher education.

  • In 2017, 100% of our employees were banked (with savings in their accounts) and had medical insurance (something many of them did not have before).